This is the original brick apartment in the town of RoCitizens.

The apartment complex is a four story high building, making it easily one of the tallest buildings in game. It has brick walls and a flat cement roof. An apartment is a place where you can live. It's a great home for players that are just starting because of the low price to rent one. Apartment Rooms 1-12 are $250 per in-game day, however, rooms 13-16 cost $1500 per in-game day since it offers more space. Both apartment types only include 1 room and 1 bathroom, and can be customized with furniture and the MyHouse App in the Phone.

The only difference between Rooms 1-12 and Rooms 13-16 besides the cost is that the latter is larger than the former.

Apartments save automatically, and to import them you just have to choose an apartment that has the "For Sale" sign on the door, and then choose "Import Saved House".

When spawning in cars, while you own an apartment, they will still go to the parking garage.


The maximum capacity of one apartment used to be 5 users, including yourself and 4 roommates. Apartments were closed for maintenance in January 2017, but were reopened in August 2017. You can jump on the roof of Le Vete from the top floor of the building.