Bailley's Emporium is a building in RoCitizens. It currently serves the purpose of providing players with seasonal clothing items. It has its own parking lot, even though said parking lot is particularly small.

Bailley's Emporium is currently closed for renovation, and has merged with Le Vete


Bailley's is located in front of the playground behind Nomburger, across from the apartment building, and across the street from Le Vete. It is also very close to the parking garage.


The exterior of the building is a rectangular prism. Red brick covers the walls of the entire building, with a flat grey roof and black trim on the corners of the walls and edges of roof. The back of the building reads "Bailley's" in uneven, black letters. The front has a black awning supported by stone columns over its single black framed glass door. The only other features are the black-framed, dark-tinted windows and small parking lot with one entrance and eleven parking spaces located on the front and right-side of the building when facing its front.



Upon entering the building with white ceiling and black grass-carpet flooring. The walls are painted a light green with no features other than the two windows at the entrance and four on the right wall, all with black frames and dark tint. Lighting consists of rectangular ceiling lights. Directly to your right when entering the building, there is a wooden L-shaped counter, where Bailley stands at a black monitor with a red screen. In front of Bailley's register, there are a few aisles of clothing to choose from.

While the top floor is inaccessible, it is observed that it has all of the features of the first floor, aside from two more black-framed windows at the front, and a white floor.

The clothing items change according to the event. Most clothing items seen are purchasable from here, and are available for a limited time.


Bailley can be seen to have red 'Wavy' hair that clips through a "Kitty Scarf", with white 'Kitty Ears', and the 'Joyous Surprise' face, along with a grey penguin sweater, a pair of black and white leggings, and an entirely black laced pair of boots.

The only dialogue Bailley has upon interaction is, "Hi, let me know if you need anything!" With a limited reply selection for the player being, "Okay!" or moving far enough for the dialogue to end.

Buy-able Items


Alphabetically listed from least to greatest in price.

Name Price Picture
Overalls Outfit $180
Lacey Tank and Denim $190
Galaxy Outfit $210
Skater Dress $210
Cat Tank $215
Beach Day $215
Peach Skirt $215
Faded Floral $220
Orange Gemoetric Skirt $220
Sunkissed $220
Navy Tank and Floral Shorts $230
Floral Blouse $240
Peachy Anchors $240
Aztec Summer Dress $250
Ripped Denim $270
Pink Daisy Outfit $280
Strawberry Fun $300
Party Dress $350


Name Price Picture
Grey Striped Swim Trunks $90
Red Swim Trunks $90
Striped Swim Trunks $90
Palm Tree Trunks $90
Hawaiian Swim Trunks $90
Anchor Swim Suit $140
Galaxy Swim Suit $140
Blue Anchor Suit $150
Pink Anchor Suit $150


Name Price Picture
Black and White Plaid $110
Camo Sloth $110
Slightly Classy $110
Pineapples! $115
Red Plaid Bow Tie $115
Summer Break $120
Aztec Tank $140
Floral Tank $140
'Murica $140
Bork $145
Adidas Crop Top Hoodie $150
Teal Crop Top Hoodie $150
Pink Crop Top Hoodie $150
Tribal Baseball Tee $180
Denim Jacket $200
Galaxy Girl $200
Comfy Camo $200
Purple Camo Jacket $210
Purple Stripe Hoodie $210
Explosive $230
Mens Denim Jacket $230


Name Price Picture
Khakis $110
Bow Tights $120
Camo Jeans $120


Name Price Picture
Polka Dot Scarf $170
Heart Scarf $180
Scarlet Scarf $200
Blue Knit Scarf $240
Kitty Scarf $305
Bunny Scarf $320


  • You cannot rob Bailey's because there is no money tray behind the counter.
  • When this store was new, Players could buy the cat ears and bandana by glitching in. Later they were moved to the normal clothes shop.
  • The clothing sold in this store is available for a limited period only.
  • The white letters on the logo used to read "Le Shop"
  • Bailley has been known to stand completely still at the counter of the shop for weeks on end without fail. It is unknown if Bailley is incapable of moving, does not have needs, inhabits the shop or has a home. Observation continues.
  • Bailley and Scarlet have the same hair, whether or not they are related is a mystery.
  • The outfit that Bailley wears was available to purchase in the past, but not anymore.