The Bank of RoCity is a building in RoCitizens.

The bank allows 3 different kinds of features. The first is that you're able to make investments. The investments feature allows you to pay money to the bank in order to get back more money after a period of time. The other two features are robberies. You can actually rob the bank as a robber in two different ways. The first way is to hold a gun out in front of REDACTED which will begin the process of robbing the bank. You can also rob the bank's vault but you need some supplies from Shady Sam. Once you have obtained a bomb, up to 3 lockpicks, and a keycard then you can rob it. You start by using a skull keycard on the door to open it (or glitch in somehow if you're capable of doing that) then you use a bomb to blow up the vault. Note that this requires that at least one person is working as a police officer otherwise it won't work. After that, you can use lockpicks to open each little box within the bank. The amount you get from any box can vary from just a few hundred to a few thousand.


The investments menu


  • There is a second floor to the building but it's empty and most likely unused.
  • There is actually a hidden pink room inside the bank that's empty. This is most likely an easter egg.