Released with the new update, the Bank of RoCity is a place which you can manage investments, though you are also able to rob the bank.


Investments- To manage investments you must speak to Jose, an NPC who works at the front desk of the bank. You will then select one of the four investments, the bigger the investment, the longer it'll take.

  1. The least expensive, you will give $1,000 to the bank, and within an hour you'll be able to then collect $1,500.
  2. A bit higher than the last, $3,000 will easily become $5,000 within four hours, no work needed, only time.
  3. Though it seems like it, this one is not the most expensive. In only a day, you can contribute $5,000 for $10,000, but
    Screen Shot 2017-11-25 at 11.29.06 PM
    remember, this one takes one day.
  4. Last but not least, the very expensive $10,000 can be $25,000, that is if you are willing to wait a whole week!

Robbing the bank- There are two ways you can rob the bank.

  1. For the first way, all you need is your gun. Point it at Jose and he will give you all the cash in the register.
  2. Way number two is a bit more complicated, and it costs at the least $750. You must go to the hideout, where you will find Sam, an NPC who has many supplies for the perfect robbery. Buy the supplies (bomb, lockpick, and key card) then make your way to the bank. At the bank, you will use the key card to enter through the white door. There you will see the vault, place the bomb right on the vault door and wait for it to open. When it opens, you can use the lockpick to open one of the many safes, all have a different amount of cash inside. You can bring up to 3 lockpicks to steal from the safes. Though, to be able to rob the bank, a police officer must be on duty.