Exclusive Furniture
Brand Name Image Price Description
RoCity Museum & Gallery Sarcophagus Replica
$24,000 Earned by completing all three puzzles during the Around The World event.
Reaped Rewards Jar of Souls
Soul Jar
$15,000 Earned during the Halloween 2016 event
North Pole Direct Train Table
$28,000 Tired of waiting for Santa to bring your gifts? Skip the middleman and order straight from the source!


  • The Train Table is the most expensive
  • The Sarcophagus Replica is the oldest Exclusive which was part of an event from September 2016
  • The Sarcophagus Replica could be considered the most complicated Exclusive to obtain, as it was a reward for fully completing the event. One of the puzzles made the event incredibly difficult because it was a sliding puzzle.
    • However, the Train Table was only obtainable from a Christmas Event from a 5% chance roll which makes it potentially impossible to obtain if you aren't lucky enough