Le Vete is a building in RoCitizens. It currently serves the purpose of providing players with clothing items available all the time, and it also can be robbed. It has it's own parking lot, even though that parking lot is small and may not fit many cars.


The location of the store is across from Bailley's Emporium, and also across from the Apartments. It is very close to the parking garage.



The exterior and interior alike are one of the most basic designs in the game, but we'll start with exterior first. The outer wall color is a darker brown/beige color, and then there is a grey roof. There is no decoration or extra design to the outside, other than a door and windows. There is a small "chimney" or "air conditioning" unit on the roof, though.



The interior of the building is also very basic, with the same colored walls as the outer walls, and a light brown as the flooring. The roof is a bright white color.

Fabian and Scarlet

Both Fabian and Scarlet can be found behind the counter in Le Vete.


Fabian wears a pair of "Tuxedo" pants, a "Black Tuxedo" shirt, has purple "Sharp" hair, and cannot be interacted with.


Scarlet has dark brown "Wavy" hair and a "Red Maxi Dress". When interacted with, Scarlet will say, "Welcome to Le Vete, how can I help you?" The "Nothing, thanks." reply will end the interaction, along with moving away far enough.

Buy-able Items

Le Vete

The following lists are in alphabetical order from least to greatest in price.


Item Price Picture
Paper Hat $150
Kitty Ears $250
Bandana $280
Chef Hat $300
Backwards Cap $350
Headphones $350
Skater Hat $350
Banded Top Hat $400
DC Hat $400
Floral Crown $400
Snow Cap $410
Pinstripe Fedora $450
Tiara $750
Crown $800
Gold Fedora $2500


In order to buy a backpack you don't click the mannequin, but the actual backpack. All backpacks are $50, have black straps, and come in blue, green, red, and yellow.


Item Price Picture
Black Fabric Bracelet $150
Red Fabric Bracelet $150
Double Blue Bangles $300
Double Gold Bangles $300
Double Silver Bangles $300
Brown Shell Bracelet $500
White Shell Bracelet $500


This list is in order from lowest to highest price. Note that all hair is by default black, however you can change your hair color in the character customization menu.

Style Price Picture
Slick $30
Sharp $30
Clipped $30
Shaggy $40
Messy $40
Hairspray $40
Smooth $50
Pointy $50
Rugged $60 - Lush $60
Punk $70
Wavy $70
Wild $80
Beautiful $80
Mermaid $90


This list is on order from lowest to highest in price. In the game you can not get blurry vision, therefore you do not need a prescription to see properly, so all glasses are just for show and/or role-playing purposes.

Item Price Variations
Glasses $150 Black, purple, red, and white.
Shutter Shades $250 Blue, pink, blue, and yellow.
Sleek Sunglasses $300
Stylish Sunglasses $350
Aviators $400 Tinted and un-tinted.


Black Jacket
Item Price Picture
Roblox Hoodie $50
Love Pink Sweater $60
Blue T-Shirt $70
Red T-Shirt $70
Striped Shirt & Vest $70
Striped Cardigan $80
Blue Striped Hoodie $90
Camo Nike Shirt $90
Purple Sporty Shirt $90
Uniform $90
Vans T-Shirt $95
Black Hoodie $100
Black Jacket $110
Red Adidas Hoodie $110
Zebra Rainbow Shirt $110
Cyan Hoodie $120
Pink Adidas Hoodie $120
Blue Shirt & Tie $170
Mass Effect Hoodie $215
Pink One-Shoulder Top $230
Black Jacket & Gloves $250
Classy Rainbow Shirt $260
Kawaii Ghost $260
School Jacket $270
Black Open Jacket $300
Black Tuxedo $400
White Tuxedo $500
Gold Jacket $800


Item Price Picture
Orange Trunks $70
Blue Trunks $70
Rainbow Bikini Bottoms $80
Black Jeans $100
Blue Jeans $110
Cargo Shorts & Shoes $110
Diamond Jean Shorts $120
Black Slacks $130
Tuxedo $160


Item Price Picture


Clothing available in this shop never changes Fabian does not speak, and may be mute. Fabian's side of the counter cannot be robbed, but Scarlet's can. this store had no name before the 2016 Halloween update