The,modern bungalow is a house find in RoCitizens Blueprints. The 6th Most expensive Blueprint in RoCitizens. It Cost's 145000$



The Exterior. And the Modern Bungalow with default coloring

The exterior of the building includes a typical Chinese Bungalow. It isn't actually modern. It's kind of an actual Chinese styled bungalow. It has pond, a little fireplace or something building. On the outside, there's a little gate. Including a different Fence-post. This is one of the only houses that have a garage that can close, aside from the Antine Villa. The Build Has a lot of Reference's. This is The Summer/Autumn kind of styled because the grass, is you can see green. Also,the little fireplace looking thing is called a "Gazebo"



1st Floor.

  • 4 Bedroom's
  • 2 Bathroom's
  • 1 Garage
  • 1 Kitchen
  • 1 Living room
  • 1 Dining room
  • 1 Gazebo
  • 1 Random Room,kinda like a storage room

There's a lot of lamp's as,you can see. This was taken when it was Night-Time, and currently when the light's we're off. This is currently the 7th building to be added in RoCitizens