Paintings are a special type of furniture item that can only be purchased at the RoCity Museum & Gallery.

Paintings will be shown on the first floor of the building and will change after each day. The paintings will have varying prices and rarities. For now, only 3 rarities have been implemented.

The rarities are as follows:

  • One of a Kind (not implemented yet)
  • Very Rare (not implemented yet)
  • Rare - 3%
  • Uncommon - 13%
  • Common - 84%

Rare Paintings

Autumn Peace

Name: Autumn Peace'Artist: ?' Price: ?


La Lavandera'Artist: ?' Price: ?


Name: Encres Sur Papier'Artist: ?' Price: ?

Sinnende Frau

Name: Sinnende Frau'Artist: ?' Price: ?