The Prison Hangout is a dark and mysterious warehouse in RoCitizens. It is the spawn location for all workers in the criminal career sector.


This criminal hangout is somewhat close to the spawn. It is located between Paghetti's and Club Ice, and shares the parking lot with both buildings.


Unnamed Building

This criminal hangout has a very dark and soulless exterior. It has no windows, and has a grey wall around the whole building. The roof is a darker grey, and there is grey bricks at the bottom of the wall. There is a bolted garage door which can't be opened, and a door leading inside.


Unnamed Building Interior

The interior is very strange. There are six lights, however they are all very dim, it is still very dark inside the warehouse. There are piles of brown boxes in the garage door corner, where Shady Sam is (2 boxes), next to the door on your left (3 boxes), in the top right corner (2 boxes), and near the top right corner (3 boxes). There is nothing else except a row of six computers, but only two chairs.