The public library is a building in RoCitizens. It currently serves no purpose other then being a filler building. In the future, you may be able to buy books.



At the very front of the library, it reads "Public Library" in black, bold letters, along with a staircase underneath leading to 2 doors.

The buildings look is a beige wall, with a brown brick on the bottom, surrounding it. There's four windows at the front, four on the left, none on the right and none at the back.


The floor is a wood brown, along with a beige roof and wall. There is 23 lights in total. There is no special colour pattern for the books, they are all randomized.

Top Left

The top left side of the library has three vertical bookshelves, along with one horizontal bookshelf at the very back of the wall. To the right there is a wall with two paintings of the outdoors, along with part of the counter.

Bottom Left

The bottom left side of the library has two diagonal mini bookshelves, along with a setup of two red chairs (sitting on them doesn't raise your comfort mood) and a blue carpet on either side of the two windows.

Top Right

The top right room behind the counter is completely empty aside from the six lights on the ceiling and a blank wall near the entrance. Two pictures of outdoor landscapes can be found on the entrance wall.

Bottom Right

A computer area with two setups at any given table, with eight tables in this section. One setup includes: • A swiveling chair • A computer monitor • A computer • A wireless keyboard • A wireless mouse None of these items raise mood and are mostly used for roleplaying purposes.

On the far-right wall, two pictures, one of two trees, and the other one, an American breakfast. The bottom wall has two windows with stone, gray frames.