The RoCity Museum & Gallery is a museum that was open for the 2016 Around the World event. Inside is a big hug with 3 exhibits: Chinese, French, and Egyptian. Along with people at their entrances. Once talking to a person that's in-front of an entrance, you will be able to start a task of you completing it. There's no specific order to complete them in. It is now filled with Paintings that players are allowed to buy.


A tan rectangular sign with dark brown accenting to the right of the front of the building reads "RoCity Museum & Gallery", alongside a row of trees can be seen. The primary colour of the walls are tan, accented with a dark brown trim and square moulding that line the top of the whole building. The steps leading to the entrance are concrete. A pair of glass double doors, with a pair of black-framed windows on each side make up the entrance.

Around the World Event

The Chinese one is the easiest, all you have to do is push displays around until the line glows the entire way, powering a 3rd of the museums hub lines. It's reward is the Jacket of Fury.


The screen you get for completing the chinese exhibit.

The Egyptian one is also easy, you just have to click on a painting of symbols, they will individually glow white in an order. Once they have stopped glowing you have to click the symbols in the same order, once completing one all of its symbols will glow white. Once all three are completed the lines in the exhibit will glow white and once again making a 3rd of the hubs lines glow white. It rewards with a Dory Heiroglyph.

The screen you get for completing the french exhibit.

The french one is the hardest, there will be a few paintings on the walls and a big one that you have to complete which is a 5 x 5 sliding puzzle. You will notice an easel that shows the completed puzzle, slide it so that it fits the easel. Once you have completed the puzzle the last piece will appear making the picture whole, as well as the easel disappearing and the lines in the exhibit glowing white, again it will also make a 3rd of the hubs lines glow white. It rewards with a Breton Shirt.


The screen you get for completing the egyptian exhibit.

Once all 3 have been completed a sarcophagus that resembles the one seen in the Egyptian exhibit will appear on a wooden stand in the middle. You can interact with it which will give you the text "[The replica stands on the pedastal expectantly. You may take your prize.]". Click "Don't mind if I do (accept reward)." then it will reward you with the Sarcophagus Replica.


  • This is the first time RoCitizens had an event.
  • The pictures for the screens are hilariously named "Finding Dora"
  • One of the pictures is called Attempt 3, implying it took multiple attempts to get the screen picture correct.