The Setiings App in the phone allows you to fiddle with some settings. These currently include:

  • Show Nameplate
  • Show RP Name
  • Colored Name (Premium)
Screen Shot 2017-11-26 at 9.31.58 PM
All of the following can be toggle either On or Off.

Show Nameplate will toggle whether the game will display your own name as it appears to others, if this is Off then it makes your name invisible to you.

Show RP Name will, when turned On, display the Character Name from character customization above your username and putting your username in brackets. Turning this Off however will make it invisible and your username won't have brackets

Colored Name only works for premium members. It toggles between showing your username in a gold-like color or the regular white. (Note: This doesn't toggle the green chat color that comes with Premium)