Shady Sam is a NPC present at the Prison Hideout.


Upon interacting with Shady Sam he will say this sentence: "What'll it be?".

The options available are: "How do I use this stuff?" for explanation about equipment he sells.

The second option is "I need some supplies" - upon clicking this option it will show you the equipment he sells.

The third option is "[Leave]", which will exit the dialogue.


Skeleton Keycard

Skeleton keycard is used for going past the security doors present at the bank, which block you from entering the vault. It costs 200$.

Lockpit Kit

Lockpit Kit allows you to break into locked safes, that are present in the vault. You may buy 3 lock kits at a time, and they cost 50$ each.

Plastic Bomb

Plastic bomb allows you to open(explode) vault door, cost:500$